Proteomics Service Facility

Mass Spectrometry in Proteomics

Mass spectrometry has become a core technology in biomedical proteomics research as well as in routine protein and peptide analysis. Through advances in sample preparation, separations, mass spectrometry equipment and data interrogation it is nowadays possible to identify and profile up to 8.000 proteins from microgram amounts of a single sample. Improvements in the analysis of posttranslational protein modifications allow for e.g. the elucidation of cell signaling networks acting via phosphorylation. Peptides and proteins can be accurately quantified in picomolar concentrations.

The Proteomics Core Facility

The Core Facility Proteomics provides access to state-of-the-art proteomics mass spectrometry workflows for all research groups at the University Medical Center. Instituted by the faculty, we are strategically placed at the Institute of Clinical Chemistry with a view to a future translation of biomedical research results into clinical diagnostics. To ensure constant improvement of the analytical workflows we are associated with the Biomedical Mass Spectrometry research groups of Prof. Dr. Henning Urlaub both at the Institute of Clinical Chemistry and at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen.

What we can offer

We routinely offer upfront protein separation and sample processing workflows, e.g. protein precipitation, SDS-PAGE, in-gel and in-solution enzymatic digestion.

The Facility is equipped with a hybrid quadrupole-orbitrap electrospray mass spectrometer (Thermo Scientific Q Exactive) coupled to a nanoflow chromatography system. Besides high throughput protein identification, this versatile instrumental platform enables protein expression profiling e.g. by metabolic labeling (SILAC) and the analysis of posttranslational protein modifications.

For data processing two major software platforms are available: Mascot (Matrixscience) with Scaffold (Proteome Software) for protein identification and PTM analysis, and MaxQuant with Perseus (both Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry) for protein expression profiling.

Please see our Terms & Conditions and the current Service Portfolio for a complete list of available routine offerings. Additional workflows may be available on request. 

How to Get Started

We are located in rooms 3.D2 069 (office) and 3.D2 330 (laboratory) in the Institute of Clinical Chemistry. Samples can be submitted any weekday between 09:00 and 16:30, we advise to make an appointment in advance. New projects require an upfront discussion with the Core Facility Manager to ensure that the project is technically feasible, can be delivered in a timely fashion and can be refinanced as necessary.

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